Chimney Sweeping Flat Rate $195.00
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Blodgett’s Chimney Sweep & Inspection has been providing first-rate service SINCE 1956. Our commitment to unsurpassed service and workmanship has earned us a well deserved reputation as the finest chimney cleaning service. No other company offers a higher level of service or greater value. We offer better than reasonable rates, and require no contracts to be signed. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We even offer incentives for referring family and friends! Don’t be fooled by the Bait & Switch Companies. They may appear cheaper but in the end they are charging you for a ton of extras.

Our Basic Service Includes:

  • Sweeping the Chimney from Top to Bottom.
  • Brushing and Vacuuming the Firebox and Damper Shelf.
  • Cleaning the Safety Cap.
  • Visually inspecting the chimney, firebox and crown for any cracks or voids.

What is a level one Inspection:

A level 1 Inspection is the most common type of inspection and is what is included with your sweep. Chimney Cleaning with a “basic inspection” doesn’t involve any special equipment or inspections of concealed areas. This type of Chimney Service will include using a flashlight to look over all exposed areas of your chimney, crown, firebox and damper. If any areas are of concern the technician will notify you and suggest a level 2 inspection.


Galvanized Black Chimney Safety Cap $195 supplied and Installed


You can sweep away chimney danger!

When was the last time you had your chimney swept, if ever?

Most homeowners in Southern California have never had their chimney swept or inspected.

What is a chimney fire? A Chimney Fire is a fire that ignites within the chimney flu or firebox. 

What causes them? A Chimney Fire can start from excessive creosote build up or burning excessively hot fires. Please be advised wood fires should only be burned in masonry fireplaces or wood burning stoves.

How can you prevent a chimney fire?

When purchasing a home in Southern California, a common buyer’s prerequisite is a fireplace. This requirement is usually not needed to furnish heat but rather to supply the warm ambiance of a crackling fire. There is something about a fire that has a soothing effect on the soul.

As the fire burns, deposits from the fuel (wood is most common is Southern California) collect on the back wall of the fireplace and the flue (the pipe that carries the smoke out).This is your basic soot – dull, dusty black.

After about one cord of wood, or three to four years of occasional use, the soot needs to be removed. When the soot is allowed to build up, a concentrated form of unborn fuel is created called creosote. This stuff is nasty. When looked at with a flashlight, it is greasy and shinny looking.

Creosote causes chimney fires, but a professional chimney sweep can remove it. A chimney fire burns up to 2,000 degrees once it gets started. Remember, concentrated fuel equals concentrated fire. When a fire gets started, the structure of the fireplace and flue act as a blast furnace, and they literally rumble, shake and howl as if a freight train has come to visit at full speed . All the while, the top of the flue is sporting a 4 foot flame spewing red-hot creosote on the roof. this, by the way, is a little rough on shake shingle roofs, creating a fire much larger than you had intended.

chimney-flute-before-cleaning chimney-flute-after-cleaning

The above is not meant to be a scare tactic. It happens here in Southern California – just ask someone who has witnessed one. They will not have to scratch their heads to try and remember.

You know the old saying about a pound of prevention and cure, and so on. A routine sweep takes about an hour. Creosote treatments are a little more involved , but hassle-free. By the way, while the sweep is there, he can also check for earthquake damage.

The standard sweep will cost $195.00 for a single or two story. That cost brings a lot of peace of mind. Chimney sweeps are not just in England or found in Disney movies.

Blodgett’s also installs gas logs set, fire glass and installs new glass doors.

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