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Did You Know: 

The US Fire Administration Reports there are more than 15,500 clothes dryer fires annually. Annual clothes dryer vent cleaning can improve clothes dryer efficiency and may reduce utility costs.

We clean the entire clothes dryer vent system from the appliance to the outdoors.

What Causes a Clogged Dryer Vent?

Simply stated, a clogged dryer vent is caused by the build-up of lint in the dryer ventilation system. There are many reasons a clothes dryer vent may become clogged. First, the complex construction of new homes built today tends to have dryers located away from an outside wall. This means dryers tend to be vented longer distances creating more bends in the vent through the home. The additional length creates more places for lint to collect or for animals and birds to hide. Secondly, dryer vents are often made from flexible plastic or foil duct, which may be easily kinked or crushed where they exit the dryer and enter the wall or floor. Ducts made of this material are more likely to sag and let lint build up at low points than ridge metal or UL approved flexible metal ducts. Poorly connected internal ducts can also trap lint. Screens or cages at the duct termination are helpful to prevent animals from getting into the exhaust from the outside, but if they are not properly cleaned and maintained they can also become clogged and restrict air flow.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Benefits:

Save time – Clean dryer vents allow air and moisture to properly escape, decreasing the time it takes to dry a load of laundry.

Save money – A clean vent allows your clothes dryer to work efficiently, which results in decreased drying time and saves on dryer utility costs. As an additional bonus your clothing will spend less time tumbling, meaning decreased wear and less wear and tear, so they will last longer, saving you additional money.

Improve fire safety – Each year there are over 15,500 dryer vent fires in the U.S. alone; removing trapped lint and debris greatly reduces the chance of a dryer fire.

Decrease health risks – Removing debris, including rodent and bird nests, from vents decreases the occurrence of molds, fungi, bacteria, and viruses that can cause a variety of health problems.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Dryer vent cleaning services include a complete diagnostic inspection, which will determine dryer vent efficiency and safety. We will identify if your vent needs to be cleaned, whether your vent is properly routed, and if the proper ducting materials were used.

Once we have completed the inspection, we utilize our professional systems to remove all lint buildup, clogs, and obstructions, including bird and rodent nests, from the entire run of the vent and booster fan, not just the entry and termination points. When necessary, we can properly route your system to prevent future problems and replace substandard ductwork that creates a safety hazard.

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