Air Duct Cleaning is a must for allergy suffers

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If it’s in the air, it’s in your lungs

Air Duct Cleaning is one of the smartest investments you can make to protect you family.


It takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to clean a home with 10 vents. Do you really think this can be done for $49.00 or $79.00 as I have seed advertised? When the bait & switch advertiser comes to your home, they charge extra to clean the heater & blower. Our price of $35.00 per register cover everything, which is a fair price! No Gimmicks! Remember you get what you pay for:


Air Duct Cleaning creates a healthier home. Please read these important facts about how poor air quality affects your family’s health. DUST, DIRT, POLLEN, MILDEW, MOLD, BACTERIA and SMOKE are pulled into your duct system every time your furnace or air conditioner operates. These airborne contaminates build up inside the ductwork over time and are spewed out and circulated throughout your home continually affecting the health and comfort of your family. The end result is, there may be an increase of viruses and breathing problems for your family. The state-of-the-art, AIR CARE HVAC contaminant removal system used by BLODGETT’S assures that your ducts are being cleaned in the most effective way. It is 99.7% efficient in removing microbial contaminants. This system enables our technicians to reach and thoroughly clean your entire duct system with minimal disruption.

How often should residential HVAC systems be cleaned?

EPA recommends that you should consider this task not on periodic, but on “as needed” basis. Frequency of cleaning may depend on several factors, one of which is preference of the homeowner. Although there are some factors of influence while considering more frequent cleanings, which are:

  • Smokers, intensive cooking, high occupancy/traffic or child care activities in the household
  • Pets that shed lots of dander, highway or homebuilding projects nearby, etc.

But rest assured, nothing will make your system last longer & cleaner than a good quality, pleated, properly sized, carefully installed air filter. What’s The Trick? Make sure there is no airflow by-pass around the air filter framing.

What criteria should I use in selecting a Residential HVAC cleaning contractor?

  • Make sure the company is Legally Established and listed with your local Better Business Bureau.
  • Verify that the company cleans key HVAC parts like blower fans, ask how they do that.
  • Get a list of references, make sure to call those nearest to you, check with neighbors for a word of mouth.

Our 8 step process includes:

  • Hooking up our Air Care Vacuum to a return air vent
  • Removing & Cleaning all the register covers
  • Inserting foam blocks into the register openings to create a good suction in the vents.
  • We clean one register at a time running our spinning duct brush through each register all the way back to the furnace.
  • This is where the Air Care vacuum sucks up all the dirt, mold, dust, pollen, mildew, bacteria and debris.
  • Then we decontaminate all the air vents
  • Wash the register covers and put them back on
  • Clean the furnace blower
  • Change or clean the filter

Call Today and get $70.00 the total cost of your cleaning Plus a Free Filter!

Don’t forget Blodgett’s also does Air Duct Repairs!

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